FROM APRIL 19th -TO MAY 18th

I would like to inform you that during the next month of APRIL and MAY we will have a WANJIE WJPS-350D machine in our facilities in MADRID in order to perform printing tests. As we will have the machine available for four weeks, we will have both, dates for tailor-made printing tests and days for standar test.

As you may know and already experiencing, nowadays almost every printing companies are facing with the challenge of economically satisfying the customer needs for small volume print jobs. Our answer for such market demands is semi-rotary offset printing technology.

In this occasion, the full servo driven WJPS-350D will be running with the following configuration:

Max. Web Width 350mm

Unwinder with pneumatic material loading and web guide BST (Germany)

5 Ofset printing units. UV dryers  - UV Ray (Italy)

1 Flexo printing unit for UV Varnish

1 Semi-rotary die cutting unit, including gap pressure control.

Automatic inking remote control -CABER (Italy)

Automatic register system - BST (Germany)

We would like to invite you to performance tailor-made printing test running your own jobs. Therefore, we would be grateful if you would inform us of the date on which you want to book. Please don´t hestiate to contact us in order to arrange your dedicated demo day.


Please place a registration by email:

We are looking forward to receive you in MADRID ¡!